Energy Efficiency




Energy Efficiency is our Future

Turning over a new leaf

As one of Australasia's largest real estate networks, First National helps thousands of people find their dream home every day. At Framptons, we recognise that energy efficiency and sustainable living is a part of our future.

Making small changes to the way we live in our homes, the appliances we choose, and the renovations we might be planning can all play a role in reducing our energy consumption. That's good, not just for the planet, but also for family budgets.

At Framptons, we take the responsibility of being an environmental leader seriously.

We print on recycled paper, and recycle our cardboard, bottles and cans.  We even have our own paper recycling bin on site!  Throughout the Framptons office, we use new, low emission fluorescent lights and have 18 PV solar panels powering us throughout the day.

Internally, we have a paperless office policy, encouraging the use of email, scanning and cloud storage to reduce our use of paper, and we promote these forms of communication in our contact with the broader community.

Framptons is so committed to being a green agency, that we hold the award for the “Most Energy Efficient Office” nationally in the First National group.

We also provides a drop off point for local residents to bring their old mobile phones, batteries, accessories and chargers so that they can be recycled as part of the Mobile Muster program.

Materials like plastic, gold, silver and copper are extracted and turned into fence posts, stainless steel items and jewellery.